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Table members and witnesses participate in the closure of tables and audit of records, in an electoral center after the regional elections on Sunday, October 15, 2017, in Caracas, Venezuela. EFE / Cristian Hernández

18 years of chavism, a nonexistent transition and four months of struggle have not been enough for Venezuela to show signs of recovery. Last Sunday's regional elections are the last bloc that buried democracy in Venezuela.

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Asesor dice no recordar si Trump llamó "loco" a Comey en reunión con Lavrov

 05/22/2017 - 10:00
 El principal asesor de seguridad nacional de la Casa Blanca, el teniente general H.R. McMaster, durante una rueda de prensa en la Casa Blanca, el 16 de mayo de 2017. EFE/Shawn Thew

H.R. McMaster, asesor de Seguridad Nacional de Donald Trump, afirmó hoy que no recuerda si el presidente llamó "loco" a James Comey, a quien despidió como director del FBI, durante su reciente reunión con el ministro ruso de Exteriores, Serguéi Lavrov, en la Casa Blanca.

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Orient Express: Trump travels to Israel to discuss peace process

 05/22/2017 - 05:49
The US Air Force One carrying US President Donald J. Trump and US First Lady Melania Trump approaches Ben Gurion Airport, in Lod outside Tel Aviv, Israel, May 22, 2017. EPA/JIM HOLLANDER

US President will tour Tel Aviv and Jerusalem today, after a weekend in Ryadh, prioritizing trade deals over human rights concerns. During his visit to Israel, Trump is expected to meet prime minister with Benjamin Netanyahu and later with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to discuss an eternal goal: an "ultimate peace deal."