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Samantha Madera
This week, the Boy Scouts of America announced a unanimous vote, by their National Executive Committee, that approved a resolution to end the ban on gay adults serving as leaders or volunteers.

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'Menergy' Gets at The Root of Relationship Abuse

 10/16/2017 - 15:24
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“We’re all trying to grow in wisdom and we’re trying to have the people in our program see that in us; that we’re not thinking of them as ‘other’ than us, but as people who are people, who are trying to work to become better partners, husbands, and fathers.” - Tony Lapp, Co-Director of Menergy


Sí se puede

 10/10/2017 - 14:59
Vista del mural creado por el artista Victor Caldee que retrata la lucha de los activistas y campesinos por sus derechos. Santa Rita Center, el lugar donde César Chávez realizó su huelga de hambre y la activista Dolores Huerta acuñó la frase “Sí se puede”. EFE

La comunidad hispana se moviliza para salvar el legado histórico de Santa Rita, uno de los barrios latinos más emblemáticos de Phoenix, Arizona. 

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