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A new policy of the Department of Homeland Security warns that "illegal" immigrants detained at the border will be separated from their children. Photo: EFE/Joebeth Terriquez

The Department of Homeland Security has decided to establish a new mechanism of terror for families to think twice before crossing the border illegally.

Artista Latina de Philly premiada con prestigiosa beca por su activismo social

 07/31/2017 - 12:12
"We Are Human Beings" installed in front of the ICE building in Philadelphia. A work by Latino artist Michelle Angela Ortiz. Photo Credit: Steve Weinik

Michelle Angela Ortiz, nacida en el seno de una familia de inmigrantes Latinos de South Philly, es uno de los nueve artistas de todo el país premiados con la prestigiosa beca de $100,000 otorgada por la Robert Rauschenberg Foundation a los artistas con demostrado compromiso social.