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[OP-ED]: 100 years of U.S. citizenship: What Does it mean for Puerto Ricans?

 08/09/2016 - 14:17
A nation within a nation, "possessed and unwanted", as author Juan Gonzales writes in his book "Harvest of Empire," the diaspora boricua celebrates with pride their culture in the land of adoption, the United States of America.

We would like to find out ourselves...

That is why AL DÍA launched last week one of the most exciting editorial projects during our 25 years of existence as an independent news outlet —owned and operated by journalists— here in Philadelphia, home to the second largest settlement of the large Puerto Rican Diáspora in the U.S.

Taking advantage of the DNC2016, which was hosted in our city the final week of July, AL DÍA launched an unique editorial crowd-sourcing project to document an untold, undocumented story: