Andrea Rodés

Andrea Rodés
I write about culture, art and literature, because I do not understand the world without books and poetry.

When I was a little girl I used to isolate with myself reading tales, now I could spend hours writing them. I think we need to give voice to artistic creators, they usually have a unique perspective of reality and can challenge things that we usually take as a fact.

I also like to write about economic issues from a social point of view, telling the human stories and the protagonists behind them: immigrants, entrepreneurs, refugee families ... From Philadelphia, Barcelona, Moscow, Beijing, Myanmar… every human history can help us to have a more open and global vision of the world.

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Culture, Books and Authors

Leila Guerriero: "Para que el periodismo persista, hay que volver a priorizar la calidad"

 08/03/2018 - 05:58

Considerada un referente del periodismo en América Latina, la reportera argentina Leila Guerriero a es editora de “Cuba en la Encrucijada” (Cuba on the Verge), una compilación de crónicas periodísticas para comprender la situación actual de Cuba, y acaba de presentar una reedición de “Plano americano”,  su celebrado libro de perfiles sobre el mundo cultural latinoamericano.


Quetzal Maucci: 'Borders are a social construct'

 07/24/2018 - 04:34

Latino American photographer Quetzal Maucci spoke with AL DÍA News about her childhood in San Francisco, CA, growing up the daughter of two Latin American immigrant mothers, as well as how she became interested in documenting the lives of the children of immigrants in the United States. Her series "Children of Immigrants" was published in The New York Times.


Quetzal Maucci: "Las fronteras son una construcción social"

 07/24/2018 - 03:26

La fotógrafa Quetzal Maucci nos habla de su infancia en San Francisco como hija de dos madres inmigrantes latinoamericanas y de su interés por documentar la vida de los hijos de inmigrantes en los Estados Unidos. Su serie de retratos “Children of Immigrants” fue publicada por The New York Times.